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    Q 1 : Define the following ( 30 marks )
    1/Taskbar .

    the taskbar is located on the bottom edge of the desktop. You can click the taskbar and drag it to other locations. The Start button, active program buttons, icons for quick access to programs, and the current time are located on the taskbar.
    2/ System programs .

    control operation of the computer system, such as DOS, Windows 3.1, Windows XP, UNIX, Mac …etc.
    3/ MS-Word .
    Microsoft Word is a word processing software package. You can use it to type letters, reports, and other documents.
    4/ Computer .

    Is an electronic device capable of performing commands; storing and retrieving information
    5 /Software .

    Are all the programs and applications that run the hardware, and do different jobs for us.

    Q2 : Explain the following ( Draw if needed ) ( Answer 10 only ) (40 marks )

    1/ Icons .

    Click the icon for quick access to the object they represent (program, document, printer, and so on).
    2/ Screen saver .

    This option help monitor to live longer and its like picture or toys make monitor moving all the time
    3/ Text Bold.
    This option Make the text appear in bold type like “ hello

    4/ Partitions .

    Are all the hard disk drives appeare in my computer

    5/ Center Text .

    This option Make the text appear in center of page

    6/ Zoom .

    This option help us to magnify the page to any size

    7/ Scrollbars .

    This object help us to move around the pages

    8/ Desktop .

    When you start your computer, the first thing you see is the desktop. The desktop is your work area.

    9/ Paint .

    One of the useful applications help us to Drawing Lines and Shapes

    10/ Calculator .

    This application helps us to make a lot of mathematical calculations

    11/ Ahmed.doc

    One of word 2003 documents

    12/ Ahmed.docx

    One of word 2007 documents

    Q3 : answer ( 2 ) branches only ? ( 30 marks )

    1/ List the contains of " Office button " in Microsoft Office word 2007 ?

    New , open , save , save as , print

    2/ What are the " disk drives " , Explain and list the types ?

    Disk Drives

    Computer store information on special places called disks.

    ü Permanent disk drive: Hard disk is the computer's own storage place.

    ü Removable disk drive: Floppy disk drive, CD drive, DVD drive, memory flash.

    3/ List the steps to Remove program from computer ?

    Start >> control panel >> add or remove programs >> chose program >> remove

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